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I really don’t understand people who like Wendy Williams.  She is so judgmental, she just sits in her fucking chair and talks shit about people she hardly knows every day.  All of the advice she gives is terrible, she slut-shames, she’s transphobic, and she’s really anti-feminist.

She acts like she knows better than everyone and spends all of her time on TV judging people for their appearances (when honestly, even if it were acceptable to pick people’s looks apart like that, she’d be the last person who should have any say on how people should look because she ain’t exactly pretty) and gossiping about celebrities’ personal lives and relationships.  Basically, she’s famous for having no life because she spends her life worrying about everyone else’s lives.  Then, she acts like she’s doing them some kind of service by giving them her “advice” on live television, which is usually the absolute worst advice anyone could ever give.  She calls these people her friends, and says she’s just “keeping it real” as if that’s some kind of excuse for just being a fucking bitch to people you barely even know.

I really think she’s just a terrible person and I don’t understand why she’s famous.  She’s like the slightly more tame version of Perez Hilton.


Disrespectful lol

Source: vinebox Via: rusticsloppy


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